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Medial Collateral ligament damage and Navicular Syndrome

Badgers Right Front foot – medial collateral ligament damage
Following veterinary consultation they requested a Denoix shoe be fitted to help with medial collateral ligament damage, I fitted the Asymmetric Medial Denoix Shoe shown in picture A.

picture A


picture B

Badgers Left front – Navicular Syndrome
They believe Badger has Navicular Syndrome in his left front foot and the vet requested a Denoix shoe, I leaver tested badger and found that he need a medial rail so have added the rail to the Reverse Denoix shoe picture C

picture C

Fracture to PIII (pedal bone)

William is a Thoroughbred Dressage horse that injured its self while on the lunge. As you can see in the x-ray with the shoe set back there is still a broken back hoof pastern axis. I have arrowed the fracture for you.

To assist Williams recovery I needed to lock off the hoof capsule to stabilise the PIII, I achieved this by using a graduated clog and wedge pad to re-align the pastern axis. You will see on the injured foot (picture 2) I have equi-cast the clog to the foot so not to cause further trauma by nailing it to the foot. In picture 3 on the other foot you will see what the clog and wedge looks like fitted. William is on rest for 6 months to allow the fracture time to heal.



picture 1


picture 2

picture 3

picture 3

Imbalance in the hoof capsule

Todo the Andalusian stunt horse was off work on pain killers (Danilon) and was severely Lame. The vet came and x-rayed Todo and found he had Medial Lateral Imbalance, High Lateral Imbalance with badly broken back hoof pastern balance.

I leaver tested to confirm where the foot needed correction then fitted the EDSS (Equine Digital Support System) and added rails to Todo‘s requirements, you will see that the inside rail is higher than the outside.

Todo’s was almost immediately better after shoeing Todo had made massive improvements and 12 weeks later was back working as a stunt horse without the aid of pain killers.



Crack to dorsal wall

I have dealt with many cracks to dorsal walls here is just a couple that I have treated. In severe cases I apply a crack plate and glue to stabilise and prevent the crack from worsening further.

Following the fitting the horse can extend in comfort and after roughly 3 months the crack stabilises and plate can be removed.

Crack cleaned and trimmed the hoof ready for plate and glue to be applied. (second picture) Plate & Glue applied.



Over Grown Feet

This Donkey was imported and you can see how severe its over grown feet are. Following trimming it walked away in comfort.





ELPO Hoof Evaluation

A new customer shod using the ELPO Hoof evaluation method.