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Customer Charter

I try to provide a good service, that where possible is flexible to your busy and ever changing schedules so I have outlined what I will do for you and there are a few things you need to do in return:

My pledge:

  • I will call and let all customers know if I am going to be more that 30 minutes late.
  • Do my best to be flexible in changing appointments though you must understand this is not easy as there is only 1 of me.
  • Advise you, where necessary, on how to get the best from your horses.
  • Work with your Vet to help you horse through any problems that may arise.
  • For lost shoes I will get out at the next available opportunity in my diary.

I ask from my customers:

  • Your horses legs to be mud free, clean and dry.
  • Flat, clear & safe area for me to trim/shoe your 4 legged friend.
  • You are on the yard during the shoeing in case the horse needs holding or any problems arise.
  • Notify me of any changes to appointments a minimum of 48hrs before the appointment.
  • Pay within 14 days.

Horses Behaviour

I would like you to understand that Farriery is a high risk profession and being self employed I want to avoid injury. If I deem your horse to dangerous to shoe I ask you respect my decision so I can continue my work and not put all my other customers out by being unable to work. I am happy for you to work on your horses behaviour and for me to try again but on each occasion you will be charged the call out fee plus a fee £20.00 fee for my time.

Contagious Diseases

I ask if your yard has any contagious diseases you make me aware and we will re-arrange the appointment when the Vet has given the yard the all clear. You would not like me to pass on any of these diseases to your horse so I ask you respect this and notify me of any at your yard.